Driving License
Endorsement to Driving License
Who can apply?
The person should have a valid driving license.
Should have completed 20 years of age for Transport Vehicles with 1 year experience in LMV & Badge.
Should read and write English apart from any one of the Indian Languages
What are the documents to be given?
Application in Form 8
Form 5 (only for those who trained through Driving School ).
Form 15 (Those who trained through Driving School .)
Driving License
Valid Learner's License for which additional class of vehicle is required.
Documents of vehicle in which applicant proposes to appear for test of competence to drive (such as Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Tax Card, Pollution under Control Certificate, Fitness Certificate in case of Transport Vehicle).
Consent letter from vehicle owner, to conduct driving test in his vehicle if the vehicle is not owned by the applicant.
Passport size photographs-3 copies
What is the amount of Fees payable?
Rs.300 with Service Tax
To whom should one apply?
(Regional Transport Officer (or) Motor Vehicle Inspector, Grade-I / II
Applicant should appear in person
Time limit for issue of Driving License
Same Day