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New Registration
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New Registration
Registration of New Vehicles
Register the new vehicle within 7 days from the date of taking delivery from the dealer excluding the period of journey for vehicles on temporary registration.
Get the vehicle registered directly from the dealer on his trade certificate.
How to apply?
Sale certificate in form 21given by dealer
Roadworthiness certificate in form 22 ,22-A from the manufacturer .
Roadworthiness certificate in form 22-A part II from the body builder for transport vehicles.
Temporary registration if any.
Manufacturer InVoice
Dealer InVoice to Customer
Valid insurance certificate.
Address proof
Entry tax payment proof if any vehicle, body or tanker is purchased from outside the state.
PAN number or Form-60 in two copies (except 2 wheelers).
Manufacturers certificate for invalid carriage.
Customs clearance certificate in case of imported vehicles along with License & bond if any.
Bill of entry for imported vehicles.
Design approval from transport commissioner in the case of a trailer.
Proceedings in the case of transport Vechile.
Address Proof
Electoral Roll.
LIC Policy.
E.B. Bill
Telephone Bill
House Tax Receipt
Pay slip issued by Govt.
Affidavit sworn by Magistrate or Notary.
Age Proof
School Certificate.
Birth Certificate.
LIC Policy.
Affidavit sworn by Magistrate or Notary.
Certificate from Civil Surgeon.