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Registration of Vehicle Arrived from other State or Assignment of New Registration Mark (Re-Registration)
If vehicle registered in one state is to be kept or used in other state for the period of more than a year then the vehicle needs to be registered in the later state new registration number to be assigned . While doing so, the NOC from original registering authority & consent of financier needed to be furnished.
How to apply?
Form 20, 26, 27
Form 29, 30 - incase of transfer of ownership.
Form 33 - incase of change of address only .
NOC in Form 28 with chassis print affixed on it from the original registering authority along with consent from financier
Address Prof
Proceedings in the case of transport Vechiles
Proof of payment of entry tax in case vehicle has arrived within 18 months of date of it's first registration.
An affidavit from the owner of the vechile stating that vehicle in concerned in not involved in any accident, theft or crime.
All valid documents of the vechile
With all above forms & certificates produce the vehicle for inspection at the R.T.O office.
Address Proof
Electoral Roll.
LIC Policy.
E.B. Bill
Telephone Bill
House Tax Receipt
Pay slip issued by Govt.
Affidavit sworn by Magistrate or Notary.
Age Proof
School Certificate.
Birth Certificate.
LIC Policy.
Affidavit sworn by Magistrate or Notary.
Certificate from Civil Surgeon.