Taxation & Fees
Tax for Private Service Vehicles
Private Service Vehicle means a motor vehicle constructed or adapted to carry more than six persons excluding the driver and ordinarily used by or on behalf of the owner of such vehicle for the purpose of carrying persons for, or in connection with, his trade or business otherwise than for hire or reward but does not include a motor vehicle use for public purpose.
Private Service Vehicles AC
Rs.600/- per seat per quarter
Private Service Vehicles Non-AC
Rs.500/- per seat per quarter
Vehicles or Trailors fitted with equipments like rigs or generators or compressors irrespective of the laden weight
Rs.10,000/- per year
Vehicles owned by Educational Institutions (Educational Institution's Bus)
School Bus Based on Seating Capacity
Rs.50/- per seat per quarter
College Bus Based on Seating Capacity
Rs.100/- per seat per quarter